Travel Guide for a Vacation in Iceland



If you are looking for a different vacation then why not try Iceland? Iceland is a refreshing and highly unconventional destination to take a vaction. It is exotic in it’s unspoilt tumbling waterfalls, gushing geysers, active volcanoes, towering mountains, magical lakes and majestic ice and snow everywhere. Iceland’s fjords and glaciers present visitors with some of the most enchanting of vacations.

This is a rare type of vacation as Iceland travel offers nightlife in Reykjavik that is renouned to be the best partying in the world. There is an abundance of restaurants, culture and social activities to do in Reykajavik.

For those who want more action, Iceland offers snowboarding, snowmobiling, cave exploration, skiing, river rafting, kayaking, mountain safaris in modified four-wheel drive vehicles, horse riding and even golf.

If you are a nature lover then Iceland offers a surprising diverse Nordic flora and fauna and is the perfect place for bird lovers (Ornathologists. Iceland offers one of the world’s best whale watching destinations.

The Icelanders, while achieving a very high standard of living and education, have kept to their Viking heritage, traditions and folklore. Every region in Iceland has myths and legends about elves and trolls, with a plethora of monuments and plaques dotted around almost every village.

Iceland is warmed by the Gulf Stream and the average temperature in January is -0.2 c. This is a lot warmer than it’s chilly name suggests. During the hardest of winter months Iceland has limited sunlight however, if it is nightlife and partying that you are after, then this is the place to go.

Iceland is a volcanic island located in the North Atlantic Ocean. The capital is Reykajavik and the currency is Icelandic Krona. The population of Iceland is 307,672 and the most used language is Icelandic followed by Dutch and then English. The best time to visit Iceland is in it’s Summer season (June to the end of August) as from September on, there are progressively fewer sightseeing tours due to the weather conditions.

If you decide to visit during the winter months then you always have the added attraction of the Northern Lights and Reykajavik is a wonderful city for christmas shopping and will put you into the spirit of christmas with the beautiful snowcovered vistas.



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